Stuffed flank steak roll

  • Ingredients

    800 g flank steak

    100 g walnuts

    1 tbsp honey

    20 ml hard nut from Moonshine

    75 g Bavaria Blue

    1 tsp salt

    1/2 tsp pepper

    Butcher's twine

  • Preparation

    To start, heat the Monolith to approx. 220°C. In a pan, caramelize the prepared nuts with honey and a dash of Moonshine "Harte Nuss" on the kamado, stirring constantly. Keep a close eye on the grill as the nuts can burn quickly. Put the caramelized nuts to one side.

    Slice the flank steak parallel to the grain with a classic butterfly cut. Top the flat-cut steak with nuts and the Bavaria Blue. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.

    Prepare the butcher's twine. Roll up the meat tightly and make sure that the sides are also wrapped. Secure the roll with twine.

    Now sear the flank roll on all sides. Put the meat to one side briefly to switch the grill to indirect heat. To do this, place the deflector stone on the grill. Then cook the meat indirectly at approx. 130°C until it reaches a core temperature of 56°C (medium).

    Then leave the meat to rest briefly before slicing.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Julian Schmitt

Julian Schmitt aus dem Hochtaunuskreis ist Experte im Bereich Einbauküchen und seit Jahren leidenschaftlicher Griller. Auf dem Instagram-Account „@carnivorgrill“ teilt er seine Grillkünste mit seiner Community und präsentiert immer wieder neue Kamado-Kreationen mit hochwertigen, regionalen und Bio-Lebensmitteln.