Stuffed saddle of veal

  • Ingredients

    2.5 kg saddle of veal

    150 g chimichurri (prepare the day before)

    6 dried tomatoes (chopped)

    6 slices of bacon/ham

    1/4 bunch fresh basil

    3-4 handfuls of fresh spinach

    2 tablespoons parmesan

    Dalmatian rub from Ankerkraut


  • Preparation

    Tender meat with special flavors - passionate griller Mareike Steiner regularly shows how well she can handle the monolith on her Instagram channel. In today's recipe, she presents kamado-baked saddle of veal with chimichurri and spinach, which goes wonderfully with gnocchi and a Mediterranean pepper and cream sauce. Have fun grilling it up!

    Wash the saddle of veal, remove the fat from the top and butterfly cut.

    Spread all but a tablespoon of the chimichurri on the meat, then top with the tomatoes, bacon and Parmesan. Evenly distribute the spinach and basil in whole leaves. Tie into a roll, rub with the rest of the chimichurri and sprinkle with the rub and rosemary.

    Preheat the grill to 150°C and cook the saddle of veal for approx. 75 minutes over an indirect heat to a core temperature of 63°C. Serve with side dishes as desired.

    Enjoy your meal!

A recipe from: Mareike Steiner

Mareike Steiner from Bremen is a passionate baking and grilling artist. She loves to spoil her friends and family with good and unusual dishes and pays close attention to the food she uses and its quality. She is currently perfecting her old recipes, testing out new ones or simply experimenting wildly.