Thai sausage meat

  • Ingredients

    2 kg meat from the pork shoulder

    1 kg pork belly

    50 g fine sea salt

    10 g sugar

    5 g freshly ground pepper

    6 g fresh hot Thai chili peppers

    6 g fresh or frozen kaffir lime leaves

    10 g lemongrass

    15 g galangal

    30 g bunch fresh coriander

    15 g fresh Thai basil

    zest of 2 organic limes

    juice of 1 organic lime

    Pork intestine in brine (26/28 caliber)

    1 pork net

    1 large cauliflower

    100 g panko flour

  • Preparation

    Cut the shoulder meat and pork belly into 3-4 cm cubes and chill again immediately. Finely grind the pepper in a mortar or mill. Finely chop the chillies, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal. If available, brush off the coriander roots and finely chop with the stalks, roughly chop the leaves and roughly chop the Thai basil.

    Add all the spices, herbs, lime zest and lime juice to the sliced meat and mix well. Pass the seasoned meat through a mincer with a 4-5 mm disc. Mix and knead by hand until the sausage meat has a noticeable consistency. Refrigerate immediately.

    Rinse the pork intestine in warm water and then soak in warm water for a good 10 minutes. The mixture can be used to make sausage in casings and in a pork net - or it can be used to fill a lightly pre-cooked cauliflower. This is cooked indirectly in a shallow baking dish for 30 minutes at 180°C in the Monolith Kamado. Toast the panko breadcrumbs and sprinkle over the stuffed cauliflower before serving.

A recipe from: Stephan Stohl & Stefan Marquard